Strategy is of the utmost importance in Media purchasing and in negotiations. You must know and understand what your client is trying to achieve and then build a strategy to get them over the “goal line.” Many media companies know about the media market but they may lack the experience of strategically and systematically getting their clients to the “goal.” At Kingdom Broadcast Media, you don’t just gain a media company, you gain a relationship and a committed partnership. KBM will be your strategic TV/media purchasing company that will help you WIN!

Joe and his team at Kingdom Broadcast Media (KBM) have successfully purchased hundreds of thousands of hours of air time in every major market of the USA. Knowing and understanding your needs as a client is priority one for Joe and KBM. Once KBM has consulted with your company, we will begin the strategic market analysis that will produce top results for your dollar. UNDERSTANDING your goals and objectives is the most important step to building a winning strategy. Next is executing the strategy through superior knowledge of the market, negotiating to minimize your cost and maximize your airtime and exposure. This is our expertise and forte.

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