Joe Courrege

Joe Courrege

At the center of success for Kingdom Broadcast Media is of course the Founder and CEO, Joe Courrege. Mr. Courrege has spent 20+ years of his career buying TV / media time for his high powered clients. His clients enjoy the fruit of his hewed craft, “negotiation.”

Negotiation is an art, and few do it at the level of 30 year, NFL player negotiator, Joe Courrege. Joe has represented and/or negotiated for literally hundreds of players ranging from personalities like Lawrence Taylor, Jason Garrett, Chad Hennings, Isaiah Robertson, and many more.

Joe has successfully negotiated over a half a billion dollars in contracts and the largest contract for a defensive player in NFL history. Mr. Courrege serves his media clients as he did the players he made successful financially.

Joe takes your company’s success personal.

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